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Minnesota is an upper midwestern state of the United States. It is bordered by Lake Superior and Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota and North Dakota, and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Ontario. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul together are known as the " Twin Cities".  

Area, 84,068 sq mi (217,736 sq km).
Capital, St. Paul.
Largest city, Minneapolis.
Nickname, North Star State.
State bird, common loon.
State flower, showy lady's slipper or pink and white lady's slipper.
State tree, red pine.

Minnesota is one of the nation's largest producers of iron ore. Methods developed to use lower-grade ores such as taconite have kept production up in spite of the depletion of once rich high-grade deposits. Granite (from St. Cloud) and sand and gravel production are also among the largest in the country. Wheat, once paramount in agriculture, has been surpassed by corn, soybeans, and livestock. The state is also a leader in the production of creamery butter, dry milk, cheese, and sweet corn.